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Name: Brandi
Age: 26
Height: 5'1"
Education: Graduate student (B.A. in Communication Sciences & Disorders: Baylor University, 2006)
Occupation: Student, House Manager, Usher, Nursery (as in the one with kids, not the one with plants) worker, aspiring writer
Likes: Theatre, movies, tv, music, books, video games, chocolate (Ghirardelli ftw), cats, dogs, stuffed animals, porcelain dolls, monkeys, sheep, penguins, word / number / logic / jigsaw puzzles

The Boy: My boyfriend, Wayne. We met on and have been dating since November 26, 2008.
My geeks: A collection of friends who are mutual among my brothers and me; I collectively call them (and my brothers) my geeks. Generally they hang out more with my brothers, but I hang with them too sometimes.
Skinny Dude: My younger brother, who is a 6'2" tall walking skeleton. Stephen.
Older Brother Dude: My older brother, obviously. Chris.
Parents: I live with them, so there's frequent mention of them and doing stuff with them.

Computers: Neptune (custom-built desktop computer); Triton (HP Pavilion dv6000)
Cameras: Nereid (Kodak EasyShare M1063 digital camera, purple); Baby (Canon Rebel 2000, 35 mm)
Music: Kaylee (30 GB iPod Classic, white)
Gaming: Galatea (Nintendo Wii); Naiad (Nintendo DS Lite, white)
Phone: Larissa (iPhone 3G)
Car: Ron (2000 Ford Taurus)
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