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I'm vaguely amused that I got two comments to my last post that started with the exact same question:

"Is Jodi Picoult any good?" Same exact wording, even. ♥ to Alya ([livejournal.com profile] sirenkatie) and Mori ([livejournal.com profile] bittersuite); this post is for you.

At the end of last year, I asked for book recommendations (because I got a bunch of gift cards for Christmas and didn't know what I wanted to get). Kristen ([livejournal.com profile] krispies) suggested My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I did indeed pick it up at the bookstore (along with several other books), though I didn't read it until about mid-late January (looking back through my posts in this journal, I finished it on my birthday).

I think I'd IMed Kristen to ask why she didn't warn me to have kleenex on hand for the end. I cried throughout the entire epilogue. Even just thinking back to the end of that book makes me sad.

But anyway, it is a spectacular book. I read it, and it really did make me think. What's legal? What's morally right? What if they're not the same? It also had me thinking of what I would do myself, if I was in that situation. Would I sacrifice one child to save another? Beyond that, would I have a child for the primary purpose of her (or him) being able to save her (or his) older sibling? And then I started thinking about it from the point of view of the child in question. If I was born for the primary purpose of saving an older sibling, how would I feel about that? What would I do when I got old enough to make my own medical decisions: would I put the health and well-being of my sibling ahead of my own?

I don't think I came up with any concrete answers for myself, but my heart just broke for all of the characters in the novel, especially the family, because they were all just trying to get through everything, and you could really see their own sides and their own struggles with it.

In short, it was an amazing book that really got me thinking and really tugs on the heartstrings. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Prior to reading My Sister's Keeper, I also picked up The Tenth Circle (her latest in paperback) because I saw it at the bookstore, read the back, and thought it sounded interesting. I've yet to read that one, though I think that once I'm done with the Violet series (and after I read The Time Traveler's Wife, like I told Alya I would) I'll read The Tenth Circle and the other two Jodi books that I picked up at the bookstore yesterday (The Pact and Plain Truth). I'm actually itching to read the Jodi books now, but I'm half-way through In Golden Blood and it would be silly not not just go ahead and read From Black Rooms right away, since I'm already all caught up on the books.

This post is public, because I think that everyone should be able to read and know about Jodi Picoult's amazing book.



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